Andreas Trenker
Kunstraum Mitterhofer
Innichen-San Candido, Italy

(now extended as online exhibition)
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting inaccessibility of the gallery, the exhibition has now been made available on this website as an online exhibition. We suggest to use the mobile version for this purpose.

The photo exhibition khoda hafez (Persian: Goodbye) by designer and documentary photographer Andreas Trenker portrays his journey through the Islamic Republic of Iran. Thereby he explores the country and critically examines his eurocentric perspective on a culture foreign to him. Which images were created beforehand in his mind? Which are constructed or a result of Western expectations towards a Muslim country? Which, on the other hand, are spontaneous and challenge clichés and prejudices? The answers to these questions also lie in the viewer's perspective. That is why the photographer decided to highlight the local narrative by having Iranians comment on his photo series. Their oral footnotes to the individual images and the bias of the Western view of their country can be found as a critical audio guide in the exhibition. In this way, Trenker opens up his role as a photographer for discussion and focuses on the dialogue between representation and subject.

Critical Audio Guide

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